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Price Match Guarantee

Price Match
We are confident about our pricing and the superior service we offer. If you find the same Product on sale for less from another dealer, then once we have checked that they have the item(s) in stock, we will match their advertised price.
If you find a product cheaper, call us on 0845 533 0892 or email us to let us know the product name, who has it cheaper, and their price.
Terms and conditions
The price to match must be in UK sterling and offered on a UK website.

The product offered by the other company's website must be exactly the same as the one we sell. They must also have it with the same options and variations.
Our Price Match will only apply on the day your order is placed.
We must be able to confirm the details on the other company's website.
Our Price Match applies to the product only, not delivery or other services.